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Today is #RareDiseaseDay - how are we at Cassie + Friends creating a space for our community (you) to learn, raise awareness and add your voice to the conversation? We'll be marking it with our RareTalks: Genetics and Childhood Rheumatic Disease session! An opportunity for everyone in our community - families navigating #JA, #TRAPS, #Lupus, #FeverSyndromes, #JDM, #DADA2, #Undiagnosed, #CRMO, #Vasculitis, #SJIA and all other childhood rheumatic diseases - to come together to learn about the role of genetics, ask questions, and connect with other families in our breakout room chats. This is the biggest and first virtual and national gathering of autoimmune autoinflammatory and undifferentiated/undiagnosed families from right across Canada.Not just today, but every day, we work with our community of healthcare, parents/caregivers, youth and patients, community partners and beyond to grow this community, get even more people involved in our mission, and raise awareness for further support, education, research and connection opportunities with the hopes that one day, we'll be meeting you all in person to mark #RareDiseaseDay together. Until then, we hope to see you all online tonight. If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late! Head over to cassieandfriends.ca/event/raretalks-genetics/ to RSVP.----#RareDiseaseDay #rarediseaseday2023 #juvenilearthritis #lupus #autoinflammatorydisease Autoinflammatory Alliance Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance Arthritis Society Canada Jarproject Arthritis Broadcast Network The Flying Lifeguards Arthritis Research Canada Canadian Pain Society CRMO Foundation Systemic JIA Foundation Arthritis Foundation ... See MoreSee Less
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For Rare Disease Day this year, the SJIA Foundation is organizing a social hour. Bring a cup of tea / coffee (or your favorite beverage) and join us! On Saturday, 25th Feb, at 10am EST | 3pm UTCPlease register here: tinyurl.com/sjia-aosd ... See MoreSee Less
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